Exhibit Labels Info

There are three labels on the pdf form and you will need to save (download) the form to your computer before typing in your information.

How to Save/download the labels form to your computer:

1. Look for these icons either at the top or bottom of the pdf form. Choose the set that corresponds to your browser’s icon images.

2. Click on the save file icon outlined here in red.

3. This will open up a “Save a Copy...” window.

4. Choose a location on your computer and then click “Save”.

Open the form you’ve just saved to your computer and fill it out (you will only need to fill in one label – the other two should automatically fill in as you type). Save again.

Print the form (use your keyboard command or click on the pdf printer icon shown above outlined in yellow).

The three labels are to be used as follows:1. Attach one label to back of artwork in lower corner.2. Attach second label to front of the bubblewrap envelope so that your artwork is returned to you in your envelope. 3. Enclose third label in a Ziploc bag with $10cash or check made out to NESBA for hanging fee for each piece hung.

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