Bubble Wrap Envelope Instructions

Buy bubble wrap, big enough to go around your painting with a "flap" at the top, like an envelope would have. Tape the sides together with clear, heavy duty tape or duck tape, but SIDES only. Be sure to wrap your painting loosely so it will slip in and out of the envelope easily.  Top flap comes down over the bubble wrap and you seal it with blue painters' tape, because it can be peeled up, and then peeled back down. Reason: we re-use the very same bubble wrap you send it to us in, so it needs to be like an envelope that can be opened, and reopened at the top. We save them when we hang the show, then we bring them back and put YOUR painting back into YOUR envelope. If non-removable tape is used to "seal" the envelope, then we have a problem re-using the "envelope". You will tape one of your "Call for Entries" labels with your name, etc onto your envelope, so we can put your painting back into YOUR envelope. Hope this helps!

Be sure to leave enough room around your painting so it slips in and out easily.

Bubble Wrap Instructions
©2012 Patricia E. Buchanan



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