Schedule of upcoming NESBA exhibits 2019

HI Members, So that you can plan your painting schedule and subjects, here is a list of the exhibits we have thus far for 2019:

Boston Flower Show: March 13-17 “The Beauty of Balance”
Subjects: for the Boston Flower Show, anything you like, maybe even something that you will submit for the Fruitlands or Newport shows.

Fruitlands Exhibit: May 13- TBD  “Shaker Plants”
You’ll find on our blog (shaker plants) list of plants (hundreds of them) that you may use as subjects. An email was also sent quite a while ago with this list, which you may have kept in your files.

Newport Flower Show: June 21-23  “Audubon Artistic Adventures”
   see suggested areas of paintings on the Call for Entries, soon to come to you. 

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