Glorianna Davenport, owner of Tidmarsh Farms speaks to NESBA members

Glorianna Davenport Co Founder of the MIT Media Lab and owner of Tidmarsh Farms gave a talk on restoration of the working cranberry farm into the largest freshwater ecological project in the northeast.

Tidmarsh is a 600-acre property near Plymouth, Massachusetts. After over a century as a large operational cranberry farm, Tidmarsh is now being restored to natural wetland. Researchers in the Media Lab's group Responsive Elements Lab are developing sensor networks that document ecological processes and allow people to experience the data at different spatial and temporal scales. Small, distributed, low-power sensor devices capture climate, soil, water, and other environmental data, while others stream audio from high in the trees and underwater. Visit any time from dawn till dusk and again after midnight; if you're lucky you might just catch an April storm, a flock of birds, or an army of frogs.

Members were enthusiastic about the program:

"In these times when the environment is under constant assault, it is heartening to hear about an amazing effort to help our planet, using sound science and impressive partnerships."
Kathy Cade

"Glorianna's informative talk on the restoration of an area of old cranberry bog to hopefully healthy waterways and it's environment is an ambitious project! It is fascinating on so many levels, and it will be interesting to see if some of the information from the project can be useful to other local bog owners as they face the future of cranberry growing in Massachusetts."
Lucy Sur

To me the most interesting part was the whole idea of restoring the area into a natural habitat, instead of developing the land into a mall or housing. We need to protect nature." 
Jitka Persinov

After the program members met at Tidmarsh Farm for a day of sketching and painting.