Artist Linda Karlsberg talks to NESBA members about her work

Members attending give their thoughts on her presentation:

"Linda Karlsberg's presentation on Saturday was terrific. Her method of investigating the effects of light on well-defined subjects, as she illustrated with her extensive series of beautiful water lily and lotus paintings, was clearly presented and inspiring. "
Pamela Harrington

"Linda's blossom and leaf images were set within the larger context of three dimensions of the water on which the leaves are floating."
Deborah Cassady

"The backgrounds (habitats) used in Linda's compositions contributed significantly to making her water lily blossoms shine and pop."
Celeste Hurley

"All of Linda's work was beauriful, but I was particularly impressed with and inspired by her use of the total canvas, to frame a river/pond scene with plant closeups. Something that has been done but infrequently in our more traditional botanical art. Think Esther Klahne's pond painting, and Kathy Miranda's work. "
Rita Edmunds