SIGN-UP to volunteer at the Boston Flower Show

Do your part and volunteer for a shift at NESBA's booth at the Boston Flower Show. This is so easy!!

You do NOT need to Create a Sign up. No need to LOGin. DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything.

🌻Find the calendar to see where we still need help.

🌼Then scroll down until you find the day and time slot that you covet. See the burgundy button with the little box to be checked? Check the little box.

🌺Then click on the Burgundy Submit and Sign up at the bottom of the screen.

🌷This will bring you to the page where you fill in your name, e-mail address, etc. YOU do NOT need an account with Signup Genius to do this. You might want to click the little button that asks for a confirmation e-mail. I don't think you have to do this, but I did.

🌹Then Click the SIGN UP NOW! button.
Congratulations! You did it.

Note - SignUP Genius lets you edit your choice, see who else is signed up, etc. And when you do something - sign up or change something, an e-mail is generated that goes to Sue Neff and lets her know that the Calendar has had some activity.

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