NESBA: Community Service Pop-Up: "Flower Power"

The NESBA Children's Hospital program was welcomed by both the hospital staff and participants well beyond our expectations. The kids and parents who came into our room started off shy or scared, but left smiling and happy. Well, more than happy, thrilled !!! The kids were excited and joyous when they left, as were adults. To bring some light into their lives made us all joyous too. We were told to prepare for 5 people, but all our art tables were filled.

Thank you to the following artists who sent in drawings: Jenny Hyde-Johnson, Bobbi Angell, Nancy Bentivegna, Deborah Cassady, Ellen Duarte, Doris Sheils, Beverly Duncan, and Kelly Radding. Your generosity was warmly welcomed and loved by all the participants. Not just one per artist, many. Thank you !!!

And to the teachers: Rose Powers, Jeanne Kunze, Beth Sanders, Nancy Bentivegna. You were strikingly supportive of each parent and child. To insure privacy, as we were asked by the hospital, we can't go into details, but please know that we were all greatly appreciated. And, all our teachers had a ball there.

Rose Powers will be taking over this committee, so please let her know if you want to join us next time; she will be adding to the kinds of events we do for our "POP UP Community Service". If you want to help her, please let her know.

Suellen Perold, Program Chair

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