"IT'S JUST A SHAPE" in the "Life of a Painting"

or: "It's like a cooking class learning to paint this way".

Those are Marla's words describing her relationship to all her paintings. Twenty five of us Happy Campers had such fun learning from this international artist. 

Her three elements of concern in every painting are: SHAPE, VALUE, and EDGES.

In her first stage, she uses a lot of water to wet the shapes of the shadows and adds the following colors, paying attention to warm and cool colors of yellow, blue and red. 
The ones she likes are: aureolin or hansa yellow deep, alizarin crimson hue, manganese blue hue and cobalt. For darker shapes she likes french ultramarine and alizarin. 

In her next stage she uses less water with local color. Then she attaches the shadows to the shapes to unify the whole and strengthen the painting. She adjusts the values all the way through: back and forth, forth and back. All the time. 

Stay tuned to your NESBA email from Joan for more detailed notes on the presentation. 

Update:  Marla Greenfield finished the orchid painting she started with NESBA members and posted it on her facebook page. See that plus all the rest of the fabulous paintings she's finished. Such an inspiration for both her skills and dedication to her art. 

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