Artist Kat O'Connor speaks at NESBA's series on creative process.

Kat O’Connor ( brought samples of her paintings and sketchbooks to NESBA’s April 16, 2016 meeting at the Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Visitor Center. She talked about her creative process in her studio work and in her experimental work, the importance of art in the world, and her attempt to help viewers see the abstractions in her figurative art. She showed slides of her various series, including her Water Series, her Edges Series and her Abstraction Process.
Kat's passion and enthusiasm for her art was inspiring as was her self discipline in pursuing her vision. 

"Botanical Art and Picasso” at the MFA

"Passion" is the One word that describes our NESBA event at the MFA. Our curator, Katie Hanson, for the MFA Picasso session, took our group from being observers of the famous Picassso paintings to living and breathing characters in his life and art. We were transformed into members of Picasso's inner circle, knowing the most personal details of what and why he painted the pieces in the show and why they were so transformational in art history.... And us!! He came alive to us all !! Bravo Katie for bringing the old curmudgeon to life again. ( And bravo to us if we can be inspired to find elements in his work/ life, to our own paintings !)

The botanical session was fabulous. The two curators: Nancy Keeler and Stephanie Stepanek, shared with us the tools and techniques used in botanical art from 1600-now. Some tools used long ago were new to us, and it was great seeing the history represented by prints of Redoute, Ehret, Bauer, Merian, side by side to better understand the changes over the centuries.

A yummy "coffee" was lastly enjoyed by the group in the astonishing Shapiro courtyard, the "outside is inside" coffee shop at the MFA.