Five NESBA Members Accepted into the 18th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli in California: April 5 - June 12

Carrie Megan, Faye Van Wert, Jeanne Reiner, Jeannetta vanRaalte, and Dorothy McCauley will have their work displayed in the 18th Annual Art Exhibition at Filoli located 30 miles north of San Francisco. Filoli is a unique and fitting venue for this historical art form that has rendered plants throughout history and from around the world. The Filoli Botanical Art Exhibit has long been an essential part of the Botanical Art Program’s mission to interpret and preserve this historically significant art form. The work reflects the rich tradition of botanical art and adheres to high standards of botanical accuracy and skilled use of media.

Dotty McCauley
Franklinia Altamaha watercolor on vellum

                                        Faye Van Wert
                                        African Violet

Jeanne Reiner
watercolor on paper

Jeanne Reiner
Ornamental Cabbage
carbon dust on acetate vellum

Jeannetta vanRaalte
Helianthus annuus
Sunflower Arising

Jeannetta vanRaalte
Allium cepa var.vidalia
Vidalia Onion

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