NESBA Program on Creative Process features Nancy Schon

In conjuction with the NESBA program emphasis this year on 'creative process' members met with sculptor Nancy Schon in her Newton home which also serves as her art gallery.

Mary Coughlan, Emmi Kurosawa, Suellen Perold, Nancy Schon, Kaoru Takaishi, Joan Pierce and Deborah Locke holding a miniature version of Nancy Schon’s Make Way for Ducklings statues which are installed at the Boston Public Garden.
Nancy Schon held an informal round table discussion of her creative process, marketing one’s art, the importance of doing one’s art every day, and also the importance of working on many projects at a time to ease 'frustration pressure'. If we're serious about being artists, the two hours or so that we need to do our art, needs to be done first each day. Working on many projects insures that we are always creating. Nancy is a very disciplined woman of 87 who clearly has thought out her own relationship to her art and very generously shared it with us. We were all inspired and tickled to have this brief encounter with one of Boston's great living artists. The creator of the "Ducklings" sculpture in the Boston Garden, Nancy told the story of how her Ducklings statues became part of the Boston Public Garden’s most beloved attractions.

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