NESBA artist Maria Bablyak's Harpsicord Paintings on a Tour

Painting musical instruments is probably one of the oldest and most traditional applications of botanical art, however, it became rather rare in contemporary times. Beautifully decorated musical instruments, particularly harpsichords and pianos were a pride of a house. Every important family would make an effort to acquire one, since musical entertainment and dancing were the heart of social life. Such intricately decorated musical instruments were showing the status of a family. In our accelerating world, how many musicians have time and means to commission custom made instrument with a unique decoration? Yet, in small numbers, they are still being made.

The tradition of depicting flowers and plants on a soundboard of a harpsichord originated centuries ago and continues till now. Each flower has a meaning and painting is full of symbolism. This a chance to view a soundboard painted by Maria Bablyak, one of our members, and visit a workshop of a magnificent harpsichord maker, who follows traditions meticulously. Did you know that feathers are used in building the instrument to give it a particular sound? Each of those harpsichords is a work of art and it takes about a year to build one. You'll tour a beautiful workshop, learn some secrets of special painting techniques and symbolic meaning of images.

The tour will take place on Sunday, January 24, from 3pm to 4 pm, at 538 High Street, Medford, MA. Please RSVP to Maria Bablyak or phone (617) 851-8329


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  1. This event was such a delight. Maria's paintings so perfectly enhance the exquisite craftsmanship of this historically authentic harpsichord, and the chance to visit the studio of harpsichord maker Allan Winkler was an honor in itself!