NESBA Exhibit opens at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA

New England Society of Botanical Artists:

 Rivers, Textile, and Dye Plants

 September 19 - October 24, 2015

Reception: September 26, 2 to 4 PM

Situated on the rushing Merrimack River, with its canals and locks, and the import of textile and dyes, Lowell became a center of the textile industry in the early 19th century. This fall, the New England Society of Botanical Artists will present an exhibit of 45 paintings that reflect plants representing the all-important river and the old textile days: plants that grow along rivers, plants that were used to make textiles, and plants used to make dyes. Not all will be native to the area, but most will be. We hope to educate the public, showing how plants have played a huge part in the textile industry’s past, and how a river gives life to many a plant species.

Article from the Lowell Sun about the NESBA Exhibit at the Brush Gallery :

Botanicals at the Brush: a look at plants and textiles

Posted by Nancye Tuttle on September 14th, 2015

"Monarda didyma,"
 Faye Van Wert
One of the gorgeous botanical illustrations on view in new show at Lowell’s Brush Art Gallery and Studios.
Lowell’s red brick mills and mighty Merrimack River made the city the epicenter of American textile manufacturing in the early 19th-century.
But plants played a part in the city’s rich industrial history, too. And the New England Society of Botanical Artists explores an array of colorful ones in Rivers, Textile and Dye Plants, a new exhibit on view September 19-October 24 at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios, 256 Market St.Lowell.
Over 50 paintings on view reflect plants that represent the river and the old textile days, from those that grew along
rivers to those used to make textiles and dyes. Most are native to the area.
Organizers hope the exhibit educates the public and shows how plants played a part in the textile industry and how rivers give life to many plant species.
Visitors will also learn how botanical art and illustration combine science and art in an aesthetically pleasing way.
The reception is on September 26, 2-4 p.m.

And in conjunction with the exhibit, Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust presents A Walking Tour of Hawk Valley Farm in Lowell on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 9 a.m. (no rain date). To attend, RSVP to Visit for details on the show.

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