NESBA weekend workshop held at the Connecticut Audubon Society-Pomfret, CT

NESBA's first weekend workshop, "Working with Gouache In the Studio and the Field", with Kelly Leahy Radding was held in Pomfret, Ct, May 16, 17. 

Gouache is a wonderful medium for both finished works and quick studies in the field. It can be applied in light washes like watercolor but can also be used to paint dark to light like an oil painting. In this workshop Kelly Leahy Radding lead a fun weekend of learning to paint with gouache inside from actual specimens and then on Sunday taking those skills out in to the field to capture quick studies and color notes.


Holding the workshop in CT gave those members who live a distance from the Boston area an opportunity to participate in a NESBA event.  Kelly's enthusiasm and expertise, the beautiful site, and the opportunity to meet members from CT, RI, as well as some from central and western MA made the weekend a great success.


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