The 17th Annual Botanical Art Exhibit at Filoli

 Filoli presents its 17th Annual Botanical Art Exhibit
March 24 through Sunday, June 7, 2015 

With its exquisite formal Garden, heirloom orchard, and nature preserve, Filoli is a unique and fitting venue for this historical art form that has rendered plants throughout history and from around the world. Filoli has been a leader in the study and appreciation of its history and practice, which combines the observational skills of the scientist and the sensibility of the artist. This coming spring we present the 17th Annual Botanical Art Exhibit at Filoli. Come and experience the West Coast’s most prominent botanical art exhibit! 
Artist Reception: Thursday, March 26, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

NESBA is going to be very well represented at Filoli! 
The 17th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli includes the work of 8 NESBA members.
Carrie Megan, Regina Milan, Jeanne Reiner, Jeannetta vanRaalte,
Pamela Geer Gordon, Bobbi Angell, Maria Bablyak, and Dorothy McCauley.

Carrie Megan
Strelizia reginae
Bird of Paradise
"Two old Birds"
Regina Milan
Larix laricina

Jeanne Reiner
Fritillaria Duo

Jeanne Reiner

Jeannetta vanRaalte
Hyacinthus orientalis 
Jeannetta vanRaalte
Duacus carota, subsp. Sativus
Purple carrots

Pamela Geer Gordon
Pamela Geer Gordon

Bobbi Angell
Aloe 'grassy lassie'

Maria Bablyak
Dorothy McCauley

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  1. Wow! This event sounds quite interesting. I have never heard of this Botanical Art Exhibition. Well, I have been to various flower exhibition events in NYC but this one is quite new to me. Could you please share some details?