NESBA meeting: All About Exhibiting

The NESBA meeting on Saturday, Oct 25 on All About Exhibiting was interesting and informative. Panelists discussed the nitty-gritty of how to organize an exhibit, either a solo show, a small-group show, or a NESBA exhibit open to all. In addition, we heard how to enter a juried show at the local, national or international level, including exclusively botanical-themed shows as well as shows with mixed themes. Joyce Westner, co-chair of NESBA's, ' From the Mountains to the Sea' exhibit, led the discussion. Regina Milan spoke of her experiences with exhibiting in the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Show in London and Barbara DeGregorio spoke about the logistics of her solo show at Habitat in Belmont, MA . There was a lively discussion of talking points when discussing possible exhibits in different venues as well as the many varied experiences had by exhibit chairs in the past. 'Get it in writing' was stressed to be sure everyone understands expectations when working with venues.

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