Carole Gracie presents Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast

On May 3, Carole Gracie spoke to the New England Society of Botanical Artists about Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast. Carole is both the author and photographer of the book, "Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast: a Natural History " and also, "Wildflowers in the Field and Forest: a Field Guide to the Northeastern United States ".

Male and female structures in skunk cabbage

Carole showed wonderful photographs of examples of spring flowers from early growth through flowering to seed development and dispersal.  She spoke about the plant structures used to attract pollinators as well as pollinators on the plants.

Carole's husband digging a Skunk Cabbage to show the root system

For 25 years Carole worked with The New York Botanical Gardens planning and leading natural history tours to many areas including the Amazon, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, and in areas in Europe known for their profusion of wildflowers. She lives in Connecticut.

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