Four NESBA artists accepted into the Prestigious Filoli Botanical Art Exhibit

Filoli, presents its 16th Annual Botanical Art Exhibit, April 8 through June 8.  Filoli, located in Woodside, CA just south of San Francisco, has been a leader in the support of botanical art, which combines the observational skills of the scientist and the sensibility of the artist. This beautiful exhibit has long been an essential part of the Filoli Botanical Art Program’s mission to interpret and preserve this historically–significant art form.

NESBA artists Pam Gordon, Jeanne Reiner, Jeannetta vanRaalte, and Dottie McCauley were among the artists accepted into this prestigious exhibit.

 Jeannetta vanRaalte

Zia Mays
Variegated Corn
Jeannetta vanRaalte
Physalis alekengi
Chinese Lanterns
Jeannetta vanRaalte

 Pam Gordon

Jaglans nigra
Black Walnut
Pamela Geer Gordon
Anenome coronaria
Pamela Geer Gordon

paeonia lactiflora
Jeanne L. Reiner

 Jeanne Reiner

ammaryllis hippeastrum Hadeco 'Cupido'
Amaryllis Hadeco ' Cupido'
Dorothy Gardner McCauley

Dottie McCauley

paphiopedilum Supersuk Eureka x Raisin pie Hynsing x sib
Paphiopedilum Orchid
Dorothy Gardner McCauley

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