Scituate lily garden blooms one day at a time...

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Headline: Scituate lily garden blooms one day at a time - The Boston Globe
Date: Jul 18, 2013

Many backyard gardeners grow daylilies. They’re hardy, take care of themselves, and make a flashy show of color when they come into bloom in late June and July. But since each daylily flower lasts only one day — hence the name — in a few weeks at most your prized daylily patch has exhausted its voice. In Janet and Stephen Tooker’s garden in Scituate, however, the music goes on from May to October. That’s because the Tookers grow more than 740 varieties of the daylily. Called Collamore Field Gardens, the Tookers’ array became an American Hemerocallis Society display garden three years ago, and is open to visitors on weekends through Aug. 4.

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