Donations made to Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Sarah Roche dropped off art materials at the Horace Mann School in Allston, MA on Thursday, January 3. This is an effort by NESBA to donate time and art materials to the students. Sarah hopes to visit later in the year and paint with them. Thank you to Sarah for this charitable effort, and thank you to all members who donated art materials. Here is part of the letter sent to Sarah by one of the teachers in the program:
"The donations are absolutely wonderful. We now have materials for stenciling, paint, demos, paper and pads, lots and lots of wonderful materials that will enable us to go the distance and have real art classes and real lessons! I hope we can find a way to thank the kind, generous people who donated the supplies. Perhaps another photo thank you could be a picture of the students when they finish their scrim project or a similar project- something we couldn't accomplish without this help. 
Do you have time to come again? Will you be able to demonstrate how to paint flowers with one particular student, and other interested students? She asked me afterwards if you really could come!"
NESBA will continue this worthwhile cause. Thanks again to Sarah!