Day of Painting: Adelynrood, June 11, 2012

A lovely day of exploring the gardens and drawing on June 11 at Adelynrood in Byfield, Mass.

Rose from the Adelynrood garden

Haircap Moss
Polytrichum strictum
Thanks to Carol Govan for the ID!


Linda Stantial

Pat Buchanan

Kathy Folino and one of the cottages

Pat Buchanan

Joyce Westner and Rita Edmunds

Kathy Folino

Sarah Roche

NESBA member receives Certificate

Congratulations to Lorraine Evans who received her certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden this past Sunday, June 10!

More photos from the NYBG visit

These lovely photographs by Mary Mirabito.

Monet’s Japanese Bridge

Perennial Gardens

Perennial Gardens

Ladies Border Garden

Herb Garden

NESBA visits the New York Botanical Garden

NESBA visits the New York Botanical Garden on June 7, 2012. "Monet's Garden" was the highlight of the trip, and lots of beautiful flowers were in full bloom! See below for photos by Sarah Roche, Kathleen Kummer, Nancy Horrall and Mary Coughlan.

Congratulations to the graduates!

Four NESBA members received Certificates in Botanical Art and Illustration from the Wellesley College Friends of Horticulture on June 4, 2012!

Esther Klahne, Suellen Perold, Nancy Savage and Joyce Westner received their certificates and celebrated with family and friends at a ceremony and reception yesterday.

See photos below! Congratulations to the graduates!

Esther Klahne

Suellen Perold

Nancy Savage

Joyce Westner

The graduates present gifts to the teachers and staff

Beloved Wellesley teachers and staff: Sarah Roche, Kristina Jones, Carole Ely and Gail Kahn. Missing from photo: Eileen Sprague

Carol Govan

A look at the NESBA exhibit at The Fells, 2012

A look at the NESBA exhibit at The Fells, 2012. Thank you to Mathilde Duffy for the photos!

Congratulations to NESBA Member!

Congratulations to NESBA Member Phyllis Willis who just received Third Prize for her painting in the South Shore Art Center show. See her painting below!

©2012 Phyllis Willis