Portfolio Workshop

A Portfolio Workshop was given by member Linda Oliver on April 18, 2012. Linda taught the one-day workshop in which students created a protective archival enclosure for the storage, and presentation of art work. Linda is an expert in paper conservation and preservation, so we were all very fortunate to hear her speak on the topic and teach us this valuable skill. Participants went home with a beautiful portfolio and detailed instructions for doing it again on their own. Look for another workshop about box-making in the near future! (Linda is pictured on the right) Thank you to Nancy Horrall for the photos!

Congratulations to NESBA Members

Congratulations to five NESBA members, Pamela Gordon, Carrie Megan, Regina Gardner Milan, Dorothy Gardner McCauley and Susan Pettee on their acceptances into the 15th Annual ASBA/NY Horticultural Society International Juried Exhibit.

The artwork that has been accepted is below. The exhibit will hang in New York this fall.

Rome Apples
Malus domestica
©2012 Pamela G. Gordon

Quercus rubra, Betula populifolia
©2012 Carrie Megan

©2012 Regina Gardner Milan

Turban Squash
Cucurbita maxima
©2012 Dorothy Gardner McCauley 

Bear's Breech
Acanthus mollis
©2012 Susan Pettee

Congratulations to NESBA Member!

NESBA member Regina Gardner Milan recently received the Roth Award for distinction with an emphasis on Traditional botanical art presentation at Filoli.

Congratulations to Regina! See the article about the Filoli 14th Annual Art Exhibition reception at:


©2012 Regina Gardner Milan