Call for Entries

Call for Entries 

From the Mountains to the Sea: 
Plants, Trees, and Shrubs of New England 

May 19, 2013–September 30, 2014 

The New England Society of Botanical Artists (NESBA) will produce and stage a juried exhibition of native New England plants to promote awareness and celebrate the diversity and beauty of plants from our own backyards. This is a juried exhibition which will include approximately 50 original artworks in 3 framed sizes, 14" x 18", 24” × 18” and 30” × 24”, and will travel to each New England state.

The exhibit is open to any NESBA member in good standing (dues paid).

Subject listing: Although not required, you may notify NESBA of the plant(s) you intend to portray by emailing to John Perry at An informal list has been posted and is updated as artists state their choice of specie(s). See "Mountains To The Sea Subject List" in the "Pages" section on the left column of the blog. We would like to have plants representing a wide variety of genera and habitats of New England. (See links to sites giving you a list of native New England plants to consider.) Fungi and seaweed may also be considered as subject matter. This exhibit will be curated according to scientific accuracy, aesthetics, and technical mastery.

Media accepted: Two-dimensional original botanical art. No photography, no digitally generated work, and no three dimensional works will be accepted.

Fee: There is no entry fee for submission but if your piece is selected it will be framed for you, and you will share the cost with NESBA. See framing information.

Exhibition Dates 

  • December 12, 2012—Intent to Exhibit Send or email to Pat Buchanan  

 — 2013— 
  • January 18—Deadline for the jpg of your work on CD to reach Kay Kopper 
  • February 28—NESBA sends juror selection notice to artist 
  • April 3—Deadline for your artwork to be received by NESBA 
  • May 19—Exhibit opens at The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA (through Labor Day) 
  • Mid-September to early December—Montshire Museum of Science, Norwich VT 

— 2014 — 
  • January to early March—Bartlett Arboretum, Stamford, CT
  • March 15 to early May—Bedford MA Public Library
  • May 15 to June 28—Bristol RI Audubon Education Center 
  • August & September—Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens 

Submissions: Number per entry accepted 3. No entry fee. Digital files only: 300 dpi, image 8” high, .tif or .jpg files, submitted on CD/DVD labeled with marker only with artist’s name and name of artwork. Individual files on disk must be labeled with artist’s name and image title. Disks will not be returned.

Some sources for having professional high quality scans made; recommended but not limited to the following:
Recommended sources used by NESBA members:
Bill Wenzel, Norwell, MA 781-659-0900
Richard Klahne, Bolton, MA, (978) 634-1035
Joe Ofria, Arlington, MA,, 978-512-9060; 978-772-0421
Jennifer Frankel, Newton, MA,

Send to: Kay Kopper, 145 Plymouth Street, Pembroke, MA, 02359, by January 18, 2013. It is expected that one image will be selected, although exceptions may be made.

Catalog and online magazine: To be developed and for sale to members and in venue gift shops. Details to come.

Image size: Artwork will be framed in a professional quality ASBA-approved frame, including 8-ply mat and plexiglas. Artists are invited to submit up to 3 images that will look attractive within one of the frame/mat sizes listed in the chart.

Approximate area available for artwork including white space
Example 1
Plant image—no bleed & approx. 1 inch white space all around
Example 2
Plant image— bleeds off right
 & bottom of space
3” possibly weighted at bottom
3” possibly weighted at bottom
3” possibly weighted at bottom

Framing fee:
  • Framing will be done professionally by: The Frame Center 152 Rockland Street, Hanover, MA 02339 
  • NESBA will pay approximately 40% of the cost 
  • Fee for 18 x 24 is $55 
  • Fee for 24 x 30 is $75 
  • Artist’s work will be returned in the professional ASBA-approved frame at the close of the exhibit 
  • Exhibit committee will make final decision on which size frame works for each piece. 
  • For a lot of white space, make the image smaller 
  • For the image to bleed off one or two sides, make the image bigger 
  • Horizontal or portrait orientation is acceptable 
  • Plant image should be no smaller than 10 × 6 
  • Be creative with the image layout—almost anything will work out just fine! Tiny plants can stay tiny but you might paint several to fill the space 
  • The exhibit committee reserves the right to determine frame specifications although artist suggestions are welcome 
Subject matter details:
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to determine if the subject matter is a New England native, defined as present before Europeans arrived. Subjects not native to New England will not be considered for jurying. We can help you find out if your considered subject is a native.
  • It would be very helpful if the artist keep track, document, photograph even video their subject matter and their process so that we can develop useful wall information and online. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. 
  • If selected for the show, you will be required to provide a brief description of the plant’s location and general habitat for the wall labels. Details to come. 
  • The following websites may be helpful, and you are encouraged to use any other sources for native New England plants: 
Also this new book: Flora Novae Angliae: A Manual for the Identification of Native and Naturalized Higher Vascular Plants of New England by Arthur Hanes, illustrated by NESBA member Elizabeth Farnsworth et al.

Selling prints, cards, originals, etc.:
  • You are encouraged to create items for the venues’ gift shops to sell on consignment, such as notecards, bookmarks, unframed prints of your artwork. Details to come.
  • Your original may be for sale, but not removed until the exhibit closes in the fall of 2014.
  • Commissions vary by venue but are in keeping with the usual and customary percent Details to come. Liability Statement NESBA is unable to assume liability during the show, although some venues do insure the work. Assume that you exhibit at your own risk. All artwork will be handled with the utmost care. Artwork may not be removed prior to scheduled end of the exhibit. Important! Forms must be saved as a copy:
  • Right-click on the link and select download.
  • Save it to your computer before filling it in (form will be blank unless you save it as a copy before you fill it in).
  • Fill it in.
  • Save it again.
  • Email it to a party to be named later.

Intent to Exhibit Form — Due December 12, 2012

Important! Forms must be saved as a copy (right-click on the link and select download) before filling in. Forms filled in without first being saved as a copy will be blank.

Click here for Intent to Exhibit

Click here for MTS2C Call for Entry

Click here for MTS2C Exhibit Entry Form

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