Congratulations to Member Kathie Miranda

At the recent ASBA Conference, NESBA member Kathie Miranda was honored with being the first-ever recipient of the Anne Marie Carney Award. The family of Anne Marie Carney has created an endowment fund to award an upcoming botanical artist on a yearly basis. So far, this begins a 36 year tradition! Congratulations to Kathie for receiving this prestigious award.

Kathie's "Prayer Plant"
©2011 Kathie Miranda

Valerie Tih (Anne Marie's daughter) and Kathie

David and Valerie Tih, Kathie and Robin Jess


  1. Kathie, you earned this and what a wonderful memorial for Anne Marie Carney. Your Prayer Plant is terrific!

  2. Many thanks! The award did the trick: I've scaled WAY back on my teaching schedule to devote more time in the studio - BLISS! Kathie