ASBA Conference Was a Success Thanks to YOU

Every NESBA member can take pride in the Conference which YOU sponsored through your membership fees and good spirits. Even if you were not fortunate enough to attend, your hospitality was felt and gratefully acknowledged by attendees from all over the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

If you lived close enough to Newton and helped in any way for a few hours or for many, you made this the best-run (we think!) Conference ever; so many attendees availed themselves of your help when they had questions or problems, ranging from how to find their classroom to where they left their wallet (on the bus!!).

If you were lucky enough to be among the attendees, you increased the creativity and energy in all the classes, trips, forums, lectures, exhibit, silent auction, portfolio sharing, shared meals and receptions (especially at Harvard!) NESBA members from all six New England states were there PLUS Gillian Harris came from her Bloomington Indiana home to meet many of her fellow NESBA members for the first time.

If you donated an image for the beautiful Trading Cards, know that they were enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

If you ran a committee, you are probably trying to catch up on real life this week, and wondering where you found the time to do all that Conference work, many of you over the course of years!

If you are Conference Chairs Ruth Starratt or Carole Ely, you must be wondering what to do for an encore—perhaps you could solve the European banking crisis or find a cure for the common cold?

Better idea for all of us: Grab a plant, immerse yourself in its plantiness, draw it, maybe paint it, and thank yourself and all our members for a job well done!

Artists from near and far share their portfolios

Madeline Merchant enjoys Harvard’s Glass Flowers Gallery

Alice de Rezende from Rio de Janiero enjoyed her very first snowfall, and shows off her first snowman to NESBA Member Bobbi Angell.

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