Creating a Traveling Herbarium

"We had a great meeting at Long Hill Gardens on May 7th featuring a hands-on workshop by Erika Sonder on 'Creating a Traveling Herbarium'."
Carolyn Payzant

Erika Sonder

Visti Erika Sonder's Traveling Herbarium website.

Erika Sonder, Barbara DeGregorio

Erika Sonder, Barbara DeGregorio

Getting Started.

Make your own press by routing an old kitchen cabinet door. 

Artfully arrange plant and root between newspaper pages to be pressed.

Label each page and place on press with corrugated cardboard between each page. Let dry for at least 1 month for best color.

Tightly strap.

After the plant is dry, dap diluted Elmer Glue on the back.

Place on Acid Free paper.

Weight down with washer and let dry.

Label page for reference.

Or, if you plan on selling your work, keep in an acid free portfolio.

A good time had by all!


  1. Thanks to Barbara DeGregorio for finding this beautiful venue and wonderful speaker!

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