NESBA Trivia Cards for 2011 Conference

Dear NESBA members,

We are working on a project to print Botanical Trivia Cards (similar to Artist Trading Cards), which will highlight our members’ artwork. Trivia Card sets will be one of NESBA’s gifts to the attendees at the Boston ASBA Conference and Small Works Exhibit, October 27-29, 2011, at the Boston Marriott Newton, MA. If we get enough images, and distribute sets at different times during the conference, we might get a “buzz” going with some trading going on!

The theme of the Trivia Card project is New England Plants, with the art work and plant name on one side, and on the back, the artist’s name, a couple of sentences or “trivia” about the plant (maybe its environs, special features, economic value, native or not), and the NESBA 2011 copyright. The original theme of “native” New England Plants has been expanded to include any plant, native or not, whose cultivation or presence in New England is well known. For example, the potato was introduced to New England around 1719 and is closely associated with Maine’s agricultural history.

Here is a link to the form with the plant information, artist information, and permissions we need to be able to use your images; shown on the form is a sample of how the image and information will appear on the card. (And as always, links to our documents are available from the Documents selection on our blog. See the bottom of this previous post for details on working with the Documents selection.)

In addition to use on the cards, your permission will allow limited use of your images on posters and flyers to be used at the conference.

Please email the form (it can be downloaded and filled out on your computer) and the jpg of your artwork as soon as possible, but no later than August 15, 2011 to Images should be 300 ppi, sized roughly to fit the dimension of the card (2.5” x 3.5”).

Thank you,

Rita Edmunds and Pat Buchanan

We're getting questions on the details of this project. As they come in, we will update this post so be sure to check on this blog post if you have questions. It may already be answered here! :-)

Here's our first question:

Does the trivia card require a brand new piece of art?
No, anything will do as long as long as it was growing in New England.

Can I send more than one image?

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