NESBA Meeting Minutes - March 5, 2011

Harvard University Biologist Dr. Kirsten Bomblies speaks on “Illustration and Science: Keeping an Art Alive” at our recent meeting.


March 5, 2011, 10:30 am

Wellesley Public Library, Wellesley MA

President Joyce Westner called the meeting to order promptly at 10:30 am.


Nancy Edwards reported NESBA’s current membership is 112.


Joyce reminded everyone that NESBA was paying for the 2011 ASBA Conference Reception. This had never been done before by a Chapter; individuals yes but never a Chapter.

Lori Waresmith reported she had sent a deposit to the Harvard Museum of Natural Science for this event.

Flower Show

Joyce reminded everyone that that artwork must be at Wellesley College Friend of Horticulture office by 3 p.m. on Thursday March 10th. All others must be at their drop off locations by Sunday March 12th.  
Lori Waresmith passed a work signup sheet and asked everyone to include their cell phone numbers.
Joyce presented the lovely printed post cards, advertising our participation in the flower show. She said there were only enough for exhibitors to have two each and the general membership 1 each. She encouraged members to send these postcards to friends and family.
Lori reminded the Flower Show Committee that there would be a short meeting after today’s speaker.

Nominating Committee

Joyce announced that Anne Morrison would chair the Nominating Committee. Other members of the committee are Sarah Roche, and Madelyn Merchant.

NESBA Facebook and Blog

Joyce recommended everyone visit NESBA’s blog. It is the same address as our old website .

Colored Pencil

Joyce introduced Joan Pierce who invited the membership to the Color Pencil exhibition down stairs in the library entry. There will be an opening and refreshments at 2:00 pm today. Colored Pencil Society of America members attended the NESBA meeting.


Joyce introduced Dr. Kirsten Bomblies. Kirsten is a Harvard professor of Organic and Evolutionary Biology. She uses her very gifted artistic abilities to study and portray beautiful details of the natural world. Most of her art work is finished in colored pencils and pen and ink; some of her ink drawings are completed with washes of watercolor.

Respectively submitted

Carolyn Payzant
Secretary Pro-tem

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