NESBA Artwork Submission Rules

NESBA Painting submission rules must be followed or painting will not be hung!

1. Must meet drop-off deadlines (for labels and paintings).

2. Frame must follow NESBA framing standards:

  • White or off-white mat
  • Simple gold wood or light wood frame (NESBA does not follow the ASBA rule of “L-shaped” frames, but we encourage artists to consider that framing style)
  • No metal frames

3. Frame must be sturdy with paper backing in place. (If your picture falls apart, it will not be hung.)

4. Hanging wire must be attached to back of painting (no sawtooth hangers).

5. Painting must be in bubble wrap envelope:

  •  No brown paper
  • Test for ease of getting painting in and out - bubbles on outside.

6. Hanging fee must be in cash.

Attach three labels:

  1. Attach one label to back of artwork in lower corner
  2. Attach second label to outside of bubble wrap
  3. Place third label in plastic baggie with $10 hanging fee (cash only). Staple the baggie to outside of bubble wrap.

Note on multiple painting submissions:

 Second paintings will be hung only after all artists have had one painting hung.

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