Call for Entry Boston Flower Show 2019

Call for Entries 2019 Newport Flower Show

New England Society of Botanical Artists    
Call for Entries

2019 Newport Flower Show, Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, RI
Friday, June 21 – Sunday, June 23, 2019

A NESBA members’ exhibit at the 2019 Newport Flower Show open to any NESBA member in good standing (dues paid).  This is not a juried show, per se, but there is a selection process due to space limitations and to ensure quality.

Exhibit Theme:  The 2019 Newport Flower Show theme is “Audubon Artistic Adventures”.  

NESBA Exhibit Requirements:  Artists may enter more than one work.  The artist must specify the category for which each work is entered.  No more than 6 works will be selected for each category, for a maximum of 24 works in the exhibit. Works may have been previously displayed but not at a Newport Flower Show.  Any 2-dimensional, original media, but no photography or computer generated work.  No entry or installation fee.

Submission Categories:   Each piece must be submitted in one of these 4 categories:
  • Tropical botanical subjects, may include habitat in the composition
  • Landscapes, field studies and preliminary sketches
  • Natural objects (animals, shells, insects, etc.) with at least one botanical element included
  • Plants which were included, or could have been included, in an JJ Audubon composition  (Please include brief explanation why the plant you chose meets this qualification.)

NESBA seeks 2 sets of preliminary studies to be displayed with the resulting finished piece on a panel separate from panels for the 4 categories.  The idea is to show the artistic journey from initial concept to finished piece.  Preliminary studies must be suitably framed but do not need to be matted.  If interested, please contact Joan Pierce. 

March 30 – digital images, with required accompanying  information must be submitted to:    
End of April – artists will be notified of selection of artwork.
First week of June – artwork must be received by the Preservation Society of Newport County.  Selected work may be sent directly to ATTEN: Beverly Ware, Preservation Society of Newport County,  424 Bellevue Ave. Newport, RI  02840.   NESBA may use “Drop off Persons”, and the collected work will be delivered to the Preservation Society.  Details of “Drop Off Persons” to follow.

Digital Image Submission Requirements: 
ü  may be taken with phone or camera or scanned;  poor quality images may result in work being rejected.
ü  must have artist’s name and Title of work in the file name;  ex.  JaneDoe_Tulipa.jpeg
ü  media, exterior frame dimensions H x W (estimated if not yet framed), name of subject (latin and common name preferred),  town/state of artist’s residence must be included in e-mail submission of work
ü  Artist Statement/Bio as a WORD.doc or PDF, not to exceed 1 page, submitted with digital image(s)
Exhibitor Guidelines and Liability Statement:   All work will be handled with care.  Neither NESBA nor the Preservation Society accept liability for loss or damage to artwork.  Artists are solely responsible for insuring their artwork.  Please include contact information in your Artist Statement/Bio if you wish a potential buyer to contact you.  There is no opportunity for selling work through the Newport Flower Show.

Framing Guidelines:   Exhibit panels are  36” wide.   Exterior frame measurement of the longest dimension (H or W, not total perimeter) may not exceed 30”.   Works with exterior frame dimensions (H or W) of 24”or less,  particularly W, are preferred because of space limitations.  White or off-white mats.  Simple wood frames with natural light, medium or dark finish.  Gold finish acceptable.  No painted frames.  No metal frames.  No sawtooth hangers.  Artwork in frames of insufficient quality will not be hung.  Plexiglass required.                                              Dated:  Nov. 14, 2018

Schedule of upcoming NESBA exhibits 2019

HI Members, So that you can plan your painting schedule and subjects, here is a list of the exhibits we have thus far for 2019:

Boston Flower Show: March 13-17 “The Beauty of Balance”
Subjects: for the Boston Flower Show, anything you like, maybe even something that you will submit for the Fruitlands or Newport shows.

Fruitlands Exhibit: May 13- TBD  “Shaker Plants”
You’ll find on our blog (shaker plants) list of plants (hundreds of them) that you may use as subjects. An email was also sent quite a while ago with this list, which you may have kept in your files.

Newport Flower Show: June 21-23  “Audubon Artistic Adventures”
   see suggested areas of paintings on the Call for Entries, soon to come to you. 

NESBA members showing their work in the Seasons of the Leaf

Elena Balmaseda-Scherer, Louise Barteau, Ellen Duarte, Rita Edmunds, Kathy Ann Finch, Kitty Gilbert, Lianne Gillespie, Arleen Hardiman, Nancy Horrall, Rose Marie James, Kay Kopper, Amanda Merritt, Sue Neff, Jitka Persinova, Diane Piktialis, Julie Stacy, Lucy Sur, Joyce Westner, Ruth Ann Wetherby, and Phyllis Willis will have their work on display.

Seasons of the Leaf Announcement

The South Shore Natural Science Center

hosts ART workshops for adults & kids

conducted by Ellen Duarte

for more information visit:
Kids ART Workshops with artist Ellen Duarte 

Saturday, October 20, 2018 

Ages 6-9 9-11am (accompanied by an adult) Examine the leaves we find and $5 per participant Registration required-discover their unique structure. Practice limited spaces available drawing them to learn more! 

Ages 10-13 1-3pm Observe the art on the walls and learn ways to paint the leaves we find outside! 

South Shore Natural Science Center 48 Jacobs Lane, Norwell, MA 781-659-2559 Contact for more information 

Watercolor workshop with artist Ellen Duarte

Sunday November 4, 2018 9am-3pm

$40 members/$50 non-members Registration required -— limited spaces available

Join us for a day of instruction and discovery as the group learns the techniques of botanical illustration. Be inspired by the artwork on the walls and in the woods.

South Shore Natural Science Center 48 Jacobs Lane, Norwell, MA 781-659-2559 Contact for more information

New England Society of Botanical Artists
members’ exhibit




Saturday, October 20, 2018, 4:00 pm — 6:00 pm

VINE HALL art Gallery


48 Jacobs Lane – norwell, MASS

HOURS: Monday—Saturday: 9am–5pm, Sunday: 11am-4pm

The South Shore Natural Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the natural and cultural environments of the South Shore. 

Note: Vine Hall is shared space; please call ahead for specific availability for viewing. 

Contact for more information

NESBA visits Tower Hill Botanic Gardens

The Worcester County Horticultural Society is the third oldest active horticultural society in the United States.  In 1986, the Society set its focus on creating a botanic garden at Tower Hill Farm in Boylston, MA.  Today, Tower Hill Botanic Garden features a year-round display of the finest plants for cultivation in New England. Carefully planned gardens and collections of ornamental, edible and native plants, plus trails that enhance the natural features of this beautiful 171-acre property.

"I was happy to see that Tower Hill has a sensory garden for those with disabilities. It includes a wall garden for touch, smell and taste, a beautiful raised pool for sound and touch, all handicapped accessible. " Nancy Savage

"This was my first visit to Tower Hill and I IOVED it !!!" Elena Balmaseda Scherer 

Frank Bissette led the group and the tour was in the main entrance gardens and vegetable gardens .

"The many examples of familiar and unusual plants, such as black tomatoes and milkweed "Bucky Balls", were visually exciting and inspiring. " Jeanne Kunze 

"I was struck by how many flowering plants at Tower Hill were ones I had never seen before. The gardens definitely had a "wow" factor. " Diane Piktialis 

"I learned the most from the vegetable and systematic gardens and appreciate the Botanical colletcion of unique plants witihn the Tower Hill." Kathleen Kummer